Decisions are only as good as the data based on which they are made. Poor data quality results in suspect decisions affecting business functions and the ultimate outcome – Revenue, Profits, etc. The impact of quality of data increases manifold as it gets transformed and consumed by business applications and the enterprise executive systems. Quality of data is a business problem. Good data quality can be achieved only with active participation of business users using technology as the enabler.


DataInsight provides a framework that enables active involvement of business users and IT users while providing a real-time data quality monitoring capability. The integrated workflow enables interaction between business users and data stewards thereby facilitating data remediation. 


DataInsight provides for defining data quality KPIs and corresponding rules (data and business) to profile existing and incoming data. The profiling output is captured and presented on a web based dashboard for faster action. The data is compared with previous cycles & benchmark data to ascertain improvement of data quality. The solution provides for faster implementation and ROI by allowing incremental scale up from one data source to the entire enterprise.

The solution is a visually rich web based interactive dashboard aimed at enabling enterprises identify data quality issues. It provides instantaneous access to Enterprise Data Quality metrics across multiple Quality Indicators like Accuracy, Clarity, Completeness, Timeliness. The user friendly rich graphic dashboard provides a birds’ eye view of the enterprise data quality enables faster adoption of a data quality culture.


In a nutshell, Data Quality Solution enables you to identify, resolve data quality issues thereby enforcing standards to improve data quality working alongside your data governance initiative.

Benefits & Features

  • Monitor Enterprise Data Quality metrics like Data Quality Score, Cost of Bad Quality/Defect by
    • Department
    • Entity across multiple Quality Indicators like Accuracy, Clarity, Completeness, Timeliness
  • Set Benchmark Thresholds and monitor trends with historical comparisons
  • Enables Data Stewards do root cause analysis – Drill thru provides access to the actual data that “fails” the data quality rule
  • Helps business leaders prioritize Data Remediation efforts
  • Ease of incorporation into any application
  • Provides the ability to:
    • Establish benchmarks
    • Track trends Vs. Goals
    • On-Going Data Quality Monitoring
  • Portable across technology platforms