Today when it comes to measuring Supplier Performance there is no “Single Source of Truth” in the Enterprise or a holistic consolidated view of  a supplier across the enterprise. This is because most enterprises do not have a standard process of supplier & product classification and a Super-Scoring system with an enterprise perspective for measuring supplier performance. Hence it becomes difficult to quantify Financial Impact due to supplier performance.

Other challenges that enterprises face to measure Supplier Performance are –

  • Perspectives that impact Business Risk are generally not integrated with Supplier Performance measurement
    • Business Continuity
    • Information Security
    • Regulatory Compliance – OSHA / Pollution / Child Labour
  • Fragmented supplier data across the enterprise
    • In multiple disconnected systems
    • Outside the enterprise systems as unstructured information
  • Inconsistent, sporadic leverage of Supplier capabilities and innovative practices across the enterprise

SupplierInsight  provides a platform that helps unify process and supplier profiles to give a 360o view for effective tracking, monitoring & measuring of

  • Operational Compliance
  • Financial Impact
  • Risk
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Value addition

The solutions helps to reduce supplier relationship management expenses by –

  • Providing timely feedback to the suppliers on their performance
  • Improving collaboration and thereby the supplier relationship
  • Procurement process optimization

SupplierInsight Features

  • Provides a holistic  view of all supplier specific performance data
    • Ensures standardized single source of performance data to the suppliers
    • Efficiently manage alerts and tasks related to out-of-threshold performance
    • Manage overall Supplier Performance Management  tasks in a calendar view
    • Categorical View to track Supplier Performance Management initiatives / projects and ability to measure their Key Success Factors
    • Enables access to end customer complaints/feedback  to the suppliers
    • Track supplier relationship performance  and related expenses against budget
    • Data Drill Downs for detailed supplier performance information
    • Role based (internal & external) access to relevant data
  • Consolidated Scorecards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Enable creation of one or more  Super-Scorecards by supplier or supplier/product category
    • Help include legacy transactions for supplier performance analysis
    • Provide Supplier Performance Insights using  trend and scenario analysis
  • Supplier Data Integration
    • Help classify, categorize & integrate supplier information using flexible technical architecture
    • Configurable Rule-based Search across different perspectives


Business Benefits

  • Obtain 360o view into enterprise-wide supplier performance information
  • Speed up supplier performance assessment by integrating information
  • Ability to identify top suppliers from an enterprise perspective using a Super-Scorecard
  • Consolidated Single View for the enterprise & suppliers enables
    • Better Collaboration
    • Improved performance
    • Reduced Business Risk
    • Reduce costs
  • Make Enterprises more Agile in bringing products to market
    • Identify & Develop Potential Vendors
    • Monitor Product Launch Initiatives
    • Measure & Improve efficiency of processes
  • Gain additional insights into supplier information and ratings using Industry benchmarks
  • Avoidance of critical supply problems via tight collaboration & frequent measurement