Banking & Financial Services

Next generation Technology innovations, deregulation to regulations, fast changing market dynamics and non conventional competitions are making Banking and Financial Services Institutions to be more nimble. BFS institutions embarked a journey of modernizing applications, architecture, and processes to make have cost optimal and futuristic platforms.

Nallas is a next generation IT services organization that delivers transformational IT solutions through its propriety ValueScope delivery platform.  ValueScope delivery platform uses three key levers Virtualization, Cloud and Big Data to offer solutions to reduce operating budget, improve operational excellence and increase innovations.


Given increasingly gadget filled world, customer use of technology drives business customer interaction in other words new business models. Cloud technologies offer newer models for delivering customer centric solutions/offerings, effective collaboration, improved speed to market and reduced operational costs. Nallas Cloud experts help organization adopting Cloud to enable cost optimization and implement the next generation platform and applications and processes.


Today CIOs are challenged to deliver greater value and business impact with reduced resources and budgets. Non- traditional competitors like mobile service providers, internet startups, technology companies are going to make budget as perennial issue. Hence question of how do I as CIO deliver increasingly higher business value with reduced budgets? becomes paramount. Additionally, IT services consumers in BFS ecosystem are most demanding users.  Virtualization provides BFS institutions multiple options to meet today’s challenge and increase operational efficiencies. Nallas partners with our clients to identify value leavers and helps the organization to implement virtualization framework most suited for the organization to unlock the hidden gems.

Big Data

Banks are in the business of borrowing and lending. The spread between borrowing and lending determines organization profit. Along with managing cost, understanding customer needs and preferences and regulatory compliance become key business imperatives for managing the spread. Massive volume of data in BFS organization comes in handy to address these key challenges. Nallas equipped with industry leading expertise leverages massive volume of untapped data in BFS organization to provide insights for organization to stay agile and futuristic.

Nallas solution offerings make data as a lever to meet business strategic goals. In the process, organizations moves from using data for standard business as usual reporting and forecasting to gain actionable insights.