HealthCare organizations are facing ever increasing demand from regulators and care seekers to deliver high quality care for less dollars per each care administration. In other words, HealthCare organizations are facing the multitude of challenges –a) maximize return for care seeker with fewer dollars in the form of high quality care b) higher cost efficiency and c) invest in models to achieve the strategic goals.

With deep rooted industry knowledge and propriety ValueScope delivery platform, Nallas partners with HealthCare organization in accomplishing their mission of helping patients stay healthy.  ValueScope delivery platform uses three key levers Virtualization, Cloud and Big Data to offer solutions to reduce operating budget, improve operational excellence and increase innovations.



HealthCare organizations are increasingly investing in flexible and scalable models to support high quality care. Cloud computing for HealthCare is innovative way of development and deployment of IT services with tight alignment to business goals. This model provide makes budget spending more prudent.  Nallas helps HealthCare organization in migrating from traditional business unit centric IT assets and information flow model to pay per use and on demand service model.


One of the important objective of HealthCare organization to provide most convenient access about care seeker to care provider stakeholders to enable high quality and timely care administration whiling maintaining the security and privacy. With enforcement of open information systems and next generation user gadgets, HealthCare organizations are in the process of making care seekers as partners in their treatments through availability of timely information to different gadgets and also gathering data points through these devices.  This challenge of making information available anywhere in any device in care administration value chain is magnified by the fact that most legacy applications are traditional thick clients. Also prepackaged industry applications may have different hardware requirements. Virtualization as a framework is all about provisioning optimal IT resources to enable sharing in most simplest, efficient and reliable manner. Nallas with successful Virtualization implementation, we can help your IT organization to improve IT resource utilization, responsiveness and reduce the complexities and unlock the levers that drives innovation.

Big Data

Decade of digitalization of medical records and allied transactions have made HealthCare organizations as highly data intensive. With current set of transformational analytical technologies and tools, the HealthCare industry is in tipping point of putting data into actionable insights. Organizations are building analytical capabilities that will aid patients, care providers, payers and other stakeholders to unlock the value and opportunities. Traditionally, care providers relied on the symptoms and their judgment in providing the care, but in last few years there is paradigm shift of moving towards evidence based administration of care. This requires unleashing the vast potential of actionable insights from the data silos. Unstructured data captured in disparate systems is the fundamental challenges for industry to build the analytical engine of actionable insights. Big Data as concept comes in handy for the organization to have all the information of patient to get complete view of care coordination and outcomes. With our expertise, Nallas is better positioned to harness Big Data tools in unleashing the potential of HealthCare organization to improve care effectiveness and outcomes.