Media & Entertainment

Two new realities for the media industries are unlimited supply of content consumption devices and unlimited supply of content; be it from traditional channels or social network channels.  Media industries have to adapt their business models to provide anywhere any device content consumption for customers without comprising the content quality, ownership and digital rights at optimal cost.


Cloud computing as tool represents innovative approach to enrich the content creation and storage and be agile in the delivery channel. Cloud computing will aid the Media industry to tailor the content to device of consumer choice without significant cost increase. A major benefit of cloud computing technology is that the creative industries are alleviated of the need to invest heavily in technology that would rapidly become obsolete. Apart from meeting customer needs, Cloud computing do reduce the operational cost through fast deployment times, cost savings in using only bandwidth needed  and improved collaboration internally using web services.  Cloud experts at Nallas partners with Media organization to migrate from Capex oriented value chain to Opex one and making organization more cost predictable.  Nallas cloud deployment is helping the organization in metering the media production workflow and companies pay only for what they use.


In a typical organization, information supports the business flow; however in Media industries information is the business. Traditional content creation and storage models have created numerous silos within the organization. Key question for Media industries CIO is how do I make IT organization to find hidden gem from information silo to consumers who are just click away from competitors? CIO quest for organizing the information silo should be forwarding looking one. That is model should absorb current trend of device and location agnostic and offer a competitive edge for future.  In other words, how to make IT infrastructure aligned with business goals and be scalable too?  Virtualized Hardware helps Media organization to free up applications and services, specialized software, which brings down not only expenses but also promotes collaboration and efficient use of resources.  Nallas helps Media organizations to tailor the resource to the scale and improve utilization ratio. In this process Nallas helps organization to leverage the existing content to make it devise and location independent in most cost effective manner.

Big Data

New generation technologies and gadgets have created multiple interactive avenues for content distributions. These channels are ever increasingly creating opportunities to identify and offer what end consumer wants. There’s another shift in the industry that can mean even more opportunities for the media industries to interact and build long lasting relationship with the customer. This is the opportunity of leveraging actionable insights from analytics engine to build holistic multi-way interaction between content creators, distributors and consumers. In today’s world consumers’ feedback through multiple channels be it YouTube, Facebook, Tweet etc. Challenge for the media industries to capture the feedback and transform it into actionable insights. In other words, hearing what consumer want to say and responding them.  Content Personalization, Improved ways to engage and interact with consumers, Marketing allocations and decisions are some of the value levers from the actionable insights from the consumer feedback. This is time to make Big Data as part for your analytics engine. At Nallas, we help Media industry transition from sample based extrapolation to data driven actionable insights.