Enabling enterprises to focus on Business Outcomes

The adoption of cloud capabilities is becoming mainstream regardless of the size of the business or industry.  The rise of cloud tools and capabilities has provided a vast variety of options for enterprises to adopt and scale. However, it also requires a highly specialized approach to manage operations in the cloud, as mismanagement could quickly lead to high operating costs, poor security, and complexity.

CloudOps uses the similar principles of DevOps, such as Continuous Integration and Delivery (CICD), and continuous improvement and feedback mechanisms to achieve higher availability of services to business.  CloudOps collaborates with cloud native development teams to ensure operations are transitioned and managed at optimal level at all times.

Our CloudOps-as-a-Service is a managed service for cloud operations to seamlessly run your applications, data and other infrastructures in the cloud. 


Centralized Workload Management

Implement and manage abstractions for computing and storage instances, security, and network infrastructure. A single dashboard to govern cloud operations

Cost Management

Setup and enforcement of cost management policies to ensure optimal use of cloud resources


24x7 SLA driven monitoring and notification services for entire cloud workloads

Provisioning and Auto-Scale

Policy-driven provisioning and automation solutions to ensure high availability of services

Zero Downtime Services

Fully automated release management & deployment services to ensure frequent releases without impacting the availability of services