Fast-track your Innovation with nINJA

Have processes and governance become heavy in your organization? Are they preventing faster innovation? Has innovation become as hard as moving a mountain? Is your current system and culture making it hard to be nimble?
You’re not alone. It’s a challenge many highly successful enterprises face in competing against digital startups.

Well-established processes and governance lead to predictable and consistent results. Most successful enterprises have dedicated years of effort to perfect the processes that produce repeatable success. However, over time these processes could lead to rigid gates that prevent creativity and speed.

Nallas Innovation Journey Accelerator (nINJA) can help speed up your innovation. Our purpose-built processes and tools are designed to crash the innovation cycle and produce faster outcomes that can help you scale your product or pivot to a different direction.


Framework for Ideation and Prioritization

Well-defined prioritization framework that helps to assign a weight to each idea and map it to organizational strategy. The end result is a prioritized list of ideas that promise higher value

Hypothesis Approach

Leverage well-defined hypothesis templates to define the expected outcome and success measures

Accelerators for Product Engineering

Jumpstart product engineering by leveraging engineering accelerators, pre-built cloud environments, and automation tools

Crowd Testing

Network of real-word testers who help to simulate target customer segment along with a variety of test scenarios from our test bank

Pre-built Outcome Analyzer

Leverage the outcome analysis template to help you navigate the next steps