Fast-track value delivery. Achieve scale and flexibility with QA operations

Volatile, unpredictable, and disruptive are descriptions of the New Normal.  Whether small, big, government or corporate no one is spared under these uncertain environments. Organizations need to build resilience to survive and stay competitive in this highly unsettled economy.

The ability to innovate faster, pivot quickly and frequently, and being digital is essential to remain relevant in this market. One of the key challenges in achieving frequent changes to the product roadmap is the ability to scale capacity up or down for quality assurance services.    

 Often, enterprises spend more than 30% of their time trying to identify the right talent and onboard them for the productive project or product delivery.  Frequently, they are required to scale down their capacity, which leads to losing knowledge and talent. At Nallas we provide domain-specific tools, test banks, accelerators, processes, and testing capacity to enable enterprises to rapidly scale up/down QA.

Key components of Nallas QA-as-a-Service model

Large test bank with pre-defined test plans and scenarios

Accelerators for automation

Adopters to defect tracking tools

Adopters to CICD pipelines

Pre-built quality metrics and insights dashboards

Domain templates and technical frameworks


API & Web Services Testing

Test automation services for functional, regression, and performance testing for API and web services.

Web & Mobile App Testing

Functional, regression and performance testing for web and mobile applications.

Crowd Testing

Reality check through real testing, with real people, across geo-locations to give your applications multi-cultural, multi-country and multi-user experiences.

Security, Performance & Load Testing

We design and build test automation for the security, performance, and load testing of your applications.