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Reduce Extensive Testing Time with XPressQA

XpressQA is a tool to cut down your testing time by 30% so that timely feature releases and product updates become part of your organization’s DNA.


Comprehensive testing has always been a bottleneck to agile and nimble product evolution and Nallas’ new tool is a solution for just that. XpressQA will enable you to jumpstart your test automation journey, give you room for scaling your QA resources up or down, and supercharge your testing needs to give you a seamless product that has been put through its paces in a fraction of the time it would otherwise have taken.

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How XpressQA works


XpressQA’s comprehensive test bank has test artifacts including pre-written test steps and automation scripts which help jumpstart any test automation initiative with reliable functional test automation.

Engineering Studio

Our suite of innovative solutions for DevOps and continuous testing includes test insights as well as recommendations to increase test efficiency.

Testing Studio

Our testing management platform, global network of expert testers, and robust client services power fast, flexible and on-demand software testing.

Test Data
Management Studio

Xpress QA enables data-driven testing by generating, managing, and reusing huge data sets without any change to automation scripts.

Put your testing on the Xpress track for any and every project.

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