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Who says elephants can’t sprint? No matter how big or
heavy your enterprise, we can make you nimble.
Bring your ideas to market in weeks with the
nallas Innovation Journey Accelerator (nINJA)
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Data Engineering

Deep data engineering expertise coupled with delivery excellence to drive better business outcomes

Cloud Engineering

Accelerate cloud adoption and build cloud-native capabilities for scale and speed

Product Engineering

Agile Engineering & DevOps capabilities to accelerate your ideas to market

Quality & Automation Engineering

Engineer consistent precision and speed through Test Automation and integration with CICD pipeline



Our Guiding Principles

Nallas guiding principles that enables exponential value delivery for our customers.

Perfection is a relative term, but progress is key to the evolution process. We live and breathe a culture of continuous progress and pivot frequently to stay relevant to our clients and associates. Being Agile is Being Alive!

We believe trust is what drives the journey to winning outcomes over contract based obligations. Rise beyond transactional benefits to become a trusted advisor, enabling success for our clients and associates.

Every day we tailor Simple, Smart and Sustaining solutions to free up human capital for more deserving initiatives.  When things get complex and burdensome, we make life simpler.

Our team represents all of the moving parts of a system, each intricately tied to the other, dependent yet autonomous. The resultant harmonious and laser-like team focus is what produces exponential value for our clients.

Converging many perspectives leads to greater wisdom and execution clarity. As a team member, be fearless in bringing your distinctive outlook to the value creation process. Go Be You!